UNMB Home Loans Inc.
Branch Opportunities


No matter the size of your portfolio of business, office, or market area, you are part of a strong organization with a national presence. We put our size and strength to good use for you each and every day, combining marketing messaging, budgets, and loan volume to grow our overall market share, which, in turn, provides you with more opportunities to succeed in securing new business.


We know that change for any organization can be intimidating–learning and integrating into new systems and navigating the complex requirements of today’s lending environment. As a result, UNMB has created an entire department dedicated to supporting you as you assimilate into your new “home” with the company. We provide on-site setup, training as well as ongoing systems support.  Our team consists of experienced originators and operations personnel who understand the importance of meeting the demands of today’s business. We have the tools and resources that can be customized to your onboarding experience, whether you are a one-person shop or a much larger team.


In many large organizations, it can be difficult to obtain access to the top tiers of management–to share ideas and concerns with the Executive staff. At UNMB, you’ll have one-on-one, direct access to Corporate-level management up to and including the CEO/Founder, Don Giorgio.


UNMB employs a team of marketing professionals who are available to assist our branch partners with marketing solutions customized to their needs. The marketing department represents a key component of the UNMB support proposition. Our impressive team is comprised of smart creative talent with one clear objective: Achieving measurable results for our Branch Partners and originators.

The range of available support runs from Social Media and custom events to a library of pre-designed materials for your immediate use, including client-facing and online marketing materials to be customized, downloaded, or printed on the spot or as you need them. Our Compliance team reviews and assures all support materials are compliant.

Personal attention is given to your needs; each Originator is provided with an innovative home page to channel traffic through, and a quarterly report reviewing their individual marketing efforts along with a suggested Calendar for the upcoming quarter.

We are focused on the technology and love what we do, we employ a motivated team including graphic designers in addition to……

Our Relationship Manager is a highly regarded bilingual public speaker who has coordinated and chaired events from formal credit based training for your partners in various fields, to Meet & Greets, First Time Buyer seminars and everything in between.

Our Social Media strategist is devoted to all things Social-web, With an excellent handle on analytics and the support of clever marketers, UNMB enjoys one of the highest engagement rates in our industry.

Our Database Manager will support your efforts by organizing and tracking all your contacts, Consumers or Industry. Your database is individualized, protected and kept up to date. You can provide professional communications and track your results by utilizing our email campaigns.

Funding Capacity

You should always have the capacity to meet your business goals and objectives, and you need an organization that can help pave the way for your business to expand. We enjoy one of the largest funding capacities in the industry. Our warehouse lines handle large bursts with ease and efficiency. Rest assured, your business will never be limited when working with us.

Local Operations & Market Expertise

We understand how beneficial it can be to have in-house lending operations sitting a few desks away with extensive and invaluable local market expertise. Face-to-face communication and cohesive strategy are excellent conduits to creative problem solving. We value strong working relationships that have formed over time, and are always willing to support your local operations. Teamwork and mutual goal-orientation are just some of our steps to your success.

UNMB Benefits:

  • Incredibly EASY Boarding Process
  • Fast Turn-Times
  • In-House Underwriting, Closing, Funding and Shipping
  • Conventional, Niche & Wholesale Programs
  • Flexible & Highly Lucrative Compensation Programs
  • Ultra-Efficient PAPERLESS LOS Technology
  • Progressive Upper Management Dedicated to YOUR Success